Millions of people having cell phones can face a common problem- signal weak! As a result, it will create a lot of issues and no wonder; you may also miss out on some of the crucial opportunities of life due to weak signals. But, today, in the 21st century, if you only feel disappointed with your problems, you are possibly unaware of the wonders that technology has done. Answer to your bewildering situation of weak signals is cell phone signal booster, which will, by hook or by crook, offer you stronger signals in your mobile. If you are living in the top floor of the height buildings or if the walls are concrete or made up of metal studs, you may face weak signals in your cell phones. But, the solution to this issue is internal cell phone signal booster.

How can internal cell phone signal boosters work?

The internal signal boosters that you use in your home have repeater system which capture the signals outside your building and transmit them to your mobile. These signals are caught from the most powerful zones of the signals. These signals are being transmitted to the amplifier that is present in your home and this increases the signal strength in your mobile.

In the niche, this system is also called cell phone repeater. The internal cell phone signal booster mainly relies on donor antenna that may be mounted on top of your building.  There can be different kinds of internal cell phone signal boosters or antennas which allow you to get stronger signals in your cell phones.

Types of antennas to be used in homes

There are mainly two kinds of antennas used for cell phone signal booster. These are Omni-Directional Antennas and Yagi Antennas.

Omni-Directional Antennas

Omni directional, as the name says, can capture signals from all the directions. They are being designed in such a way that it can pick signals from everywhere, especially in case the towers are located in various directions.

Yagi Antenna

These kinds of antennas are sensitive to the direction. They will only pick signals from the direction at which they are pointed. For the internal cell phone signal booster for home purpose, these antennas can be more powerful because they can capture signals from the tower near your home and increase the strength of your signals.

The internal cell phone signal booster can be a very effective device and can help you in getting stronger signals of your mobile. Therefore, they can be used effectively for augmenting the signals in mobiles.